We are so grateful for the numerous letters of praise we receive from our customers. These letters often reflect the warm and lasting relationship that we've built with them through the building process.

We’ve listed just a few that we’ve received over the years. In reading their praise, we think you’ll see why so many of our customers refer us to their friends or contract with us again.


"Please let this letter stand as a 5 star recommendation for Tom Stelmack and TJS Construction. We met Tom from a friend in Westfield who had just had some work done and they raved about this craftsmanship, punctuality and value.

We scheduled an appointment with Tom and he immediately started to visualize our plans and wanted us to make sure we asked our architect a few questions that Tom thought could become issues down the road, all this before we even received a bid or signed a contract with him.

Over the next 10 months Tom Stelmack and his team treated our family & home as if it was his own. TJS completed the initial job in February 2008 and continues to stop by and survey how all elements are holding up. Tom & his team have done two additional projects for us and we will continue to recommend his company to any who could use his services.

Rest assured we will do business with TJS Construction again in the future."

Tom and Pattie
Westfield, NJ


"My wife (Karin) and I can not say enough good things about Tom and his work!

A little back-story: We had Tom work on several projects for us at our home. The first was a kitchen renovation. A year or so later was an addition with a great room. A few years after that we converted an attic space into an extra bedroom/dormer and also renovated our master bathroom. Each time, Tom was the consummate professional with a meticulous attention to detail. He truly takes pride in his work and does NOT cut corners. A few times some unexpected things came up affecting cost/scope. For instance, I recall a time when the walls were open that some of the supporting studs were showing signs of water damage from previous owners. Tom showed it to me and explained it and recommended that it get repaired while the walls were open. I recall paying for the materials but the repair cost itself was minimal.

Moving along with this story, we ran out of projects to do on the house and my wife decided to buy an older, bigger house 3 houses away so that she could completely renovate it. At the time, we had quickly become very good friends with a guy who was a contractor and was beginning his business. We wanted to help him and he told us that he was going to give us a price that was barely above cost for labor and material. We jumped in with this guy and quickly realized that we made a HUGE mistake! In fact, Tom reached out to call me after hearing through the grapevine that we had this project. Very professionally, he inquired if there was anything that he did wrong in the past since we didn't contact him to bid on the job. I assured him that we were pleased with everything we did with him in the past but this guy was a good friend and we didn't think the price would match the "deal" we were getting. I think Tom was glad to know that there was nothing he did wrong and it was out of his control. Anyway, the more involved in the project we got with our friend, the more we realized how different he was as compared to the professionalism always shown by Tom. Corners were cut, the worksite was always left a mess, the subcontractors were random people which the guy had no previous relationship with, and then we got to the finances. The cost from the original contract with the good deal kept changing and when he came to us for more money before things were completed that should have been, that's when we knew we had a problem. We knew we had to make a change. We contacted Tom to save us. He came over to meet us at the new house and see what was done and what needed to be done and figure out a price quote for completion. He was upfront about how to handle the sub contractors. He advised to keep them on since they started the work they would take ownership of it. He was upfront about having to wait for him to complete the job he was currently working on. He was upfront by telling me that he had never taken on a job where he "cleaned up somebody else's mess". But he did and we couldn't have been happier. We lost a good chunk of money that we had paid to our ex-"friend", but that was of no fault of Tom's. Tom really saved the day and everything turned out exceptional. It was a huge project. An entire 3-floor house fully renovated and updated plus an addition and new garage. I would never think of using anyone but Tom Stelmack for any job ever again!

1/ Tom is consummate professional. My wife would run ideas by him to solicit his input and she loved some of his ideas. He communicates about everything. If it's something that is unexpected needing attention or if he just wants to show you something he did to make sure something is done right, he'll explain it. Another big thing is that Tom is so neat! He cleans up after himself each and every day! This always amazes people who have had work done by someone else!

2/ Time and budget. Yes! Also amazes people who have had work done by someone else. Usually a 2 month project means a 4 month project. Not with Tom! The new house renovation took a little longer but it was a huge scope and he was upfront about that possibility as he had other commitments that he had to honor so I can't complain about that!

3/ Quality of work is tremendous. As I stated, Tom takes so much pride in his work. This extends to his subcontractors. His business is all word-of-mouth. I have referred him to friends who have been equally happy. Obviously, that is the biggest compliment one can give.

4/ No issues post-completion. Never has been!

5/ I would obviously recommend Tom without hesitation. You will not be sorry. I can't speak highly enough, especially in contrast to some of the horror-stories out there and in contrast to our own horror story. Lesson learned. Never anyone but Tom!"

Dan and Karin
Metuchen, NJ


"In 2011, my wife and I decided to renovate our home. The project was quite comprehensive, as it involved large areas of our home, both inside and out. We took our time to find a responsible company using conscientious individuals and quality materials for our project.

We selected Tom of TJS Construction, upon inspecting a nearby renovation he did in our neighborhood. The owner was delighted with his work, and praised Tom on his attention to detail and personalized care. After finishing our construction, we feel the same way.

Tom gave careful thought to our project. He sat with us multiple times, going over our choices, giving us his honest input , and attending to our needs. He is fair, hard working, and personable. He did the job within the budget and time frame promised. He went beyond-the-call, moving furniture when needed and answering any concerns we had. His unique ideas and craftsmanship made our project special. It is hard nowadays to find someone who takes the pride and responsibility in their workmanship. Tom is one of those rare finds. Do not hesitate to call Tom and inspect some of his successful construction projects.

Even after two years, when friends and family visit our home, they are still amazed at the beautiful transformation that Tom created for us."

Steven and Susan
Westfield, NJ


"We have used TJS Construction for two major projects, an addition and a large renovation, over the past eight years and couldn’t be happier with our choice of contractor and our “new” home. All of Tom’s work is standing up to the test of time with an active family. You really get to know and appreciate good workmanship and solid design when you are living with it and in it.

Tom Stelmack of TJS Construction, does what he says he is going to do. Tom will listen to you, he will be at your project on time, you will not be over charged or handed off to the “B” team when the contract is signed. Tom is personally involved in all of his projects and will be on site for any questions or concerns.

Trust Tom, he has over 20 years of experience in the construction business and has seen it all when it comes to new construction and renovations. He pulls from his extensive experience to troubleshoot any problems that may arise during the project.

Tom will treat your project as if it were in his own home. He uses trustworthy sub contractors where necessary, is clean and neat and is respectful of your home and its surroundings.

We are happy recommend TJS Construction."

Mike and Michele
Westfield, NJ


"After many years discussing the possibility of re-doing our kitchen, my wife and I decided to finally take the plunge. Not only did we replace the cabinets, floor and build an island, we also decided to expand the size of the kitchen by 4 feet. We solicited proposals from a number of contractors.

From our initial interview with Tom Stelnack, owner of TJS Construction, we knew that he was the right person for the job. He gave us some ideas that we had not even thought about. He encouraged us to visit some of his other job sites.

Once we signed the contract, we did not have to worry about anything. Tom took care of coordinating the work with the vendors from whom we purchased our cabinets and the new floor, as well as the plumbing and electrical contractors. Whenever an issue arose, Tom took care of it.

During construction, Tom's attention to detail was amazing. He was meticulous in all phases of the job. Even the construction official who did the inspection mentioned how impressed he was with the work. Tom was always timely and incredibly neat. We felt totally comfortable with Tom and will definitely use him again in the future.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending TJS."

Eric and Phyllis
South Plainfield, NJ


"We cannot be happier with the way TJS performed our home renovation and addition. TJS was able to keep the detail of our 1920s home and modernize it at the same time. The project included excavating new foundations and drainage, a new section of basement, a kitchen remodel/expansion, new bedrooms, master and kids bathrooms, custom woodwork and built ins, new roof, and complete mechanical and electrical upgrades. Every phase of the project was coordinated and constructed flawlessly. Since then we have used TJS for other smaller projects and served as a reference for other potential customers. Tom Stelmack is a skilled carpenter and craftsman as well as a general contractor. His attention to detail is amazing.

We recommend TJS always, and would be happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about our renovation experience."

Tom and Kim
Westfield, NJ